Managed Network solutions

With Gbyte you are getting a multitude of options designed specifically for you by the best professionals, we focus on small businesses and large enterprises, our services range from simple troubleshooting & computer repair to advanced multi-server and multi-building network connectivity. Gbyte State‐of‐the‐art, remote monitoring system provides us with advanced notice about problems with your network environment before they can affect your business.

IT Help Desk and tech support

Our state of the art Help Desk Center will greatly reduce your IT cost, your overhead and your worries, our ticketing systems will automatically assign the request to its corresponding department, and when needed, a qualified technician will be dispatched. Our well esteemed technicians have worked with a variety of companies throughout the Tri-State region, empowering them with innovative business technology. We take pride in being able to provide service of the highest caliber to our clients, our technicians who have honestly achieved their recognition in the IT community as the finest and most technically advanced in the IT field.

PBX \ Phone systems \ VoIP

Flexible communication with enterprise level features, & no matter where you are, your office is right with you, our Hosted PBX solutions reside in secure Data centers where they are maintained by our watchful engineers 24x7x365 to ensure our customer’s are up and running. Whether you’re updating your existing phone system or building a new solution from the ground up, Gbyte can help with its comprehensive array of products, services and support to streamline communications, automate common business processes and improve the flow of information. Let Gbyte engineers and business process specialists help you assess your current communications systems and design a solution that optimizes both your short-term payback and long-term value. Gbyte does it all, from the Design & Configuration, to the Implementation & Integration, and Security Solutions.

Backups and disaster recovery planning

With backup being so important for most businesses today, our remote monitoring service allows for greater piece of mind knowing that your backups took place when they were supposed to take place. We back up your critical data remotely and automatically, removing the “human” element, or the potential for error, lost data, or security breaches, ensuring your peace of mind in testing and restoring vital information. The single most overlooked aspect of disaster recovery planning is testing restores. With our test restore process we are taking the steps to ensure that your information is indeed being backed up. Our Disaster recovery and business continuity solutions provide our customers with the ability to quickly recover from a disaster and/or unexpected event and resume or continue operation.

Facility Wiring

We can help plan and review wiring infrastructure and create a stable and efficient foundation for your network and phone system. Many companies only perform selected jobs, such as running cable, but are unable to complete the whole job, often requiring you to hire several companies for cabling, connecting jacks or connecting to equipment. Gbyte Networks can perform every part of the job for computer and phone wiring. You deal with a single company, avoiding delays, confusion and extra expense.

Email & other server roles

Our skilled engineers can provide industry specific line of business training for a wide range of applications saving your business time and money. We give you peace of mind support of your companies email systems ensuring highest possible uptimes by keeping the critical Line of Business application running and ensuring that they are up to date with the most current vendor patches & hot‐fixes available.

Cloud and Virtualization Monitoring

Gbyte Monitoring & Managing is the ONLY platform on the market to ensure virtual infrastructures are operating efficiently as resource allocations change.

Firewall and Router configuration

Like servers, Firewalls play an instrumental role in keeping your network healthy. We will ensure that your firewall devices are running up to industry standards. Automatically backup configuration files for routers and switches. Configuration backups can be scheduled to run as needed and are stored in our database where they can be viewed and compared all in the same interface. In addition you can be immediately alerted when any configuration has been changed. You can customize the backup settings to meet your particular needs in the Gbyte M&M Policies.

Virus, spam and malware protection

Filter all incoming email messages, eliminating unwanted ones before they arrive keeping your corporate inboxes free from uncluttered & unwelcome malicious visitors. We will maintain anti‐spy and virus software on all covered computers, ensuring immediate detection and prevention to keep you up to date and always protected from the ever‐growing threat of intrusion.

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